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Documenting the inner lives of office fridges, one photo at a time. A project by Moncef Belyamani.

Is your office fridge shaped like an egg? Are you creative with food? No matter what lies inside or outside your fridge, I'm curious to find out. Help me build the largest collection of office fridge photos in the world by sending me a picture of your fridge.

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Science Experiment (by Sweet Freak)

Whats Lurking in Your Fridge?! (by Summertime Cowboy)

Mouldy tarts (by mediamolecule)

Who knew mold could be so beautiful?

Forgotten Beans (by graff81)

Dinner (by

Mac & Cheese?

Three degrees of separation.

colonized (by Pierre LaScott)

Ladies and gentlemen, behold this world-record-holding office fridge. Fungi had been growing in it for 8 years!

(by Kon & Cat)

Once upon a time a cream cheese, salmon flavor, settled down in our Laboratory fridge…..

Now we’re talking!

Hope you’re not looking at this on a full stomach…

How nasty are McDonald’s fries?

Next time, get fries from McDonald’s. They last forever, as you’ll see in our next post.

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