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Documenting the inner lives of office fridges, one photo at a time. A project by Moncef Belyamani.

Is your office fridge shaped like an egg? Are you creative with food? No matter what lies inside or outside your fridge, I'm curious to find out. Help me build the largest collection of office fridge photos in the world by sending me a picture of your fridge.

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At the gym.

This is a plague that affects every country…. The our Office fridge from Milano, Italy!

This juice expired on 26 Jannary…. this yogurt was supposed to be eaten within April.. I guess we won’t take the risk to open the vegetable crisper…


It’s pineapple. Actually, it WAS pineapple.

Posted by M

Mmm…mmm…polka dotted sweet potato fries!

Thanks to Style Hatch (the crew behind the awesome Inspire Well Tumblr theme that this site uses) for submitting their fridge photos!

Bonus points for using Tumblr’s fantastic new Photoset app!

Chobani’s NEW “Mold on the Bottom” Yogurt - at Fringe Union in Somerville, MA.

If you think that’s expo marker that comes off or something, well, you’d be wrong.

Posted by JT

Science Experiment (by Sweet Freak)

no pun intended

Lunch thieves beware

Seen on a work refrigerator. “To the person [or perosns] who steals lunches: You will be caught. Plus you will have loads of bad karma haunting you. And when you get caught think about how humiliating it will be to lose your job for stealing from your co-workers. The shame that will hang on you can be avoided simply by stopping your theft. Bring money to work to buy food or learn to cook.”

Whats Lurking in Your Fridge?! (by Summertime Cowboy)

Seriously? 15+ “forgotten” cans? 

San Francisco, CA

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